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From Nature with Nature

In order to preserve the microflora of the soil, we employ ecological techniques. We strongly believe that the soil health is the key to the balance of nature; for this reason, we often update our procedures and growing methods. For instance, we recently started using Symbiotic Agriculture.


Symbiotic Agriculture

Symbiotic Agriculture is an innovative cultivation technique that aims to improve the biodiversity of the soil, bringing a greater benefit not only to the products, but also to animals and men. It is based on the concept of symbiotic association: we grow our crops with completely natural products, creating a collaboration between microorganisms – such as fungi, bacteria and yeasts – with plant roots. In this way, we manage to produce stronger and healthier plants, obtaining products with a high nutritional value. We work to nourish both the brain, allowing our customers to be aware of the fact that they eat fresh and healthy products, and the intestine, since our products can help improve the quality of the intestinal flora and microbiome, and, consequently, become functional to the immune system response.