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Philosophy & Values

Gambaro guarantees the quality of their products, which are cultivated, grown and treated with great care, from the choice of the seeds, to the packaging. Our seeds are unprocessed and non-GMO. We use organic substances and carbon to enrich the soil, limiting the nitrogen supply.

We fight fungal diseases and parasites by using fungi, bacteria, infusions and homeopathic products that do not damage the soil health, helping maintain a healthy microflora. This is possible also because we do not use any crop protection chemicals.

Production System

The farm and the production plant are both in Noale (VE); thus, the production process starts and ends in the same place, guaranteeing brief production times. Furthermore, this guarantees constant control over the production and a steady supply of fresh products. We use a special washing system based on the addition of iodine tincture, which is an odourless and colourless substance that guarantees the disinfection of vegetables.



We strongly believe in nature and we always work hard to respect it and to provide our customers with natural and fresh products for the sake of their health.